05/04/2012 World Liberation Day – Last Update

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Friday, May 4, 2012

World Liberation Day – Last Update

Our moment of breakthrough has arrived. We will gather and create a resonance field for our freedom.

Many groups have designed their own visualizations for this event. This is ok if they are so guided, but it would be better to use the exact visualization I have specified, to create the most effective result. You can find it here:


After the World Liberation Day, our liberation process will continue. It is a global process that will culminate in our actual liberation. Hereby I am issuing a call to all people wanting to be free to actively participate. The process that Drake is speaking about and has started in the US is now spreading worldwide. If you want to actively participate in assisting to create freedom for your own country, please contact Freedom Reigns group that is supporting Drake’s efforts at their email


Victory of the Light!


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