06/20/2012 Interviews, Answers, Conferences, Funding and Current Situation

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Interviews, Answers, Conferences, Funding and Current Situation

You can listen to the interview about the occult role of gold:


Or read the transcript:


There will be more interviews coming. For those doing the interviews, please modulate my voice enough so it is not possible to say who I am, but not so much that the average listener can not discern what I have to say. Also, there are other modulations apart from Darth Vader voice possible.

For those sending me emails, your input is greatly appreciated, your Light is very much loved and I read every single one of your emails personally. However, it is not possible to answer all your questions directly and I try to include answers to your questions in the upcoming posts on my blog when appropriate.

In the future when safety conditions permit, I will be able to hold conferences worldwide where I will speak about different topics connected to the planetary liberation, ascension, disclosure and first contact. There people will be able to ask questions directly. People willing to organize such events can contact me at cobraresistance@gmail.com .

Also, the scope of this blog, projects associated with it regarding planetary liberation and people’s response to this has grown to the point when I can no longer cover everything with my own financial resources. Information in this blog will always be free. However, additional funding is needed from wealthy persons that are willing to contribute something to those liberation efforts. I trust there are some rich people out there that haven’t been completely absorbed into the Rothschild casino and would like to support the Light instead. Minimum donation is $1000 and regular monthly donations would ease things very much. Those willing to help, please contact cobraresistance@gmail.com for details.

Actually there are vast funds that rightfully belong to me and could be put into good use in those projects, but the Jesuit faction is constantly blocking my access to that money. I keep fighting to get it back for years, but as of yet, without success.

It seems very unlikely at this point that Cabal will surrender. Some factions of the Cabal were sincerely considering surrender, but the other option seems to prevail. Plans are being developed as a response to this and will be revealed on this website soon.

I am just a messenger and not God and therefore it is not within my direct power to make things happen, although I have much influence in some circles.

P.S. There has been a strong reaction to this post especially from people having emotional issues with money. Please understand that call for funding was directed towards wealthy individuals outside the Cabal as this would not be a burden for them, and not to general population. If you are unhappy with this issue, get off your couch and go liberate the planet yourself. I will continue my efforts here anyway. I will post an update about negotiations and the mass arrest plans as soon as I gather intel, which will be in less than 12 hours. Thank you for your understanding.

P.P.S. People are asking why the Pleiadians can not manifest funds. For this you need to have a receiving manifestation chamber on the surface of the planet and another sending manifestation chamber on the ship. When this can be arranged, hunger on this planet will be a thing of the past.

Also, my connection with the Resistance is not such that they could transfer money. I receive intel from them in a way that does not pose security risk. I hope my answer clears this issue and we can finally refocus on more important things.


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