09/10/2012 Portal 2012 in Egypt

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Portal 2012 in Egypt

We will be having the main activation of Portal 2012 in Egypt. On December 21st, our group inside the Great Pyramid will be one of many groups throughout the world that will anchor the divine flash that will reach the surface of planet Earth on that day. That day will be a symbolic marker of the entry into a new cosmic cycle and an important step in the very intense process of the planetary liberation. Apart from our main group activation in the pyramid, a special worldwide mass meditation will also be organized so everybody will be able to receive the energies of that divine flash no matter where you are. 

Power Places Tours will be the agency that will handle the logistics of this incredible event in Egypt. They have been providing the finest tours and seminars for spiritual teachers and groups to visit the worlds sacred portals for many decades. They took the Dalai Lama to Egypt and I am sure they will provide the best possible experience for us:


If you want more information about Portal 2012 activation in Egypt, you can call Power Places Tours toll free from the United States:


If you are coming from outside the US, simply send them an email to travel@powerplaces.com and they will call you at your convenience.

Detailed program of the Portal 2012 in Egypt with all registration details is available here:


Welcome to Egypt!

P.S. When my first announcement about the conferences went out, it did not link to the correct email address for Egypt information due to a computer glitch. There could have been those of you that tried to send an email unsuccessfully. The correct email address is travel@powerplaces.com.


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