11/12/2012 Portal 2012 Conference in New York this weekend

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Portal 2012 Conference in New York this weekend

The time of Cobra’s second American conference is fast approaching. We welcome you to the heart of New York City, and encourage all of you to come.

We all know what is going on and we want to change it. For many of us, we have not known how we can shift the tides. We have sought positive leadership and information to shed light and bring wisdom in the sea of disinformation and changes that swirl into the awaited time of December 21st 2012. Thus, trusting our gut feelings and heart we search out our brethren and for some, Cobra has been a source that resonates to our sense of truth, bringing hope to the changes in our lives, both personal and planetary.

Searching for a dawning of truth, even though as individuals we may know the answers, we wait for the changes to occur. Why is it our inability to initiate greater changes on our own? We seek out other light beings in our sojourn here, knowing that power is greater in numbers. Admittedly, the numbers in our crowd is small, comparing to the worlds population, but even a tiny seed has the power to shatter concrete.

Personally I have sought to belong to a small and dedicated team of competent light workers, skilled both in the physical and non physical realms. This is why I reached out to help Cobra organize this conference. Seemingly, there are non physical factors that have made difficult the effective organization of lightworkers into action units capable of making a change. We wish to release that, and combine our energies into a tool capable of liberating this planet.

Perhaps part of the reason why the cabal has been so effective is its dominating hierarchy of effective organization. Free will, noncompliance, and infighting seem to decimate the organized power of our groups. The upside to this I see is that, what is not organized or centralized is even harder to stop or control.

I would point out that Cobra is the symbol for the Kundalini energy of enlightenment which also takes the form of the serpent, traveling up the spine as it awakens our higher vehicles.

The most powerful seed is in thought, created of love, kindness and action.

Come gather in the light as we rip asunder the veil that has kept us bound. We can shift the tides, and grow rootlets like sidewalk breaking Dandelions.

I suspect more of you would be coming, but that you don’t have the money. To organize sharing of hotel rooms with other participants, contact me at S.P.Jaxen@gmail.com and I will put you in touch.

With love and acceptance of all of you, and your ways,

Shiloh Jaxen

P.S: The link to all information and registration page is here:



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