03/07/2013 The Goddess Spiral

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Goddess Spiral

The Light forces have asked us to create The Goddess Spiral, a special CD which activates the Goddess consciousness in the listener and helps activating the Goddess Vortex. The Goddess Spiral is a joint project between me, Isis and Medwyn Goodall. Isis is a codename for a woman who has personal contact with the Goddess Isis. The Goddess enters into her body, anchors positive energies into all planes of creation and sends blessings and love to everyone. Medwyn Goodall is one of the best composers of inspirational music on the planet and he helped us to create The Goddess Spiral. You can listen to the CD anytime you wish to go deeper into the Goddess consciousness or wish to accelerate the liberation process for this planet. Listening to the CD is especially recommended before our weekly liberation meditations.

You can watch the promo video on Youtube to get the taste of what we are speaking about:


You can buy the CD here:


Or download the MP3 here:



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