03/12/2013 Cobra New Society Conference in Rome

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cobra New Society Conference in Rome

This will be the first New Society Conference ever. It will be held in Rome from March 15th to March 17th. Rome is an ancient city which holds the key to the control of quarantine Earth and also the key to the planetary liberation. We will come to Rome to unlock the second of those keys and assist in the liberation of the planet. This will be the first New Society conference by Cobra ever. The purpose of this conference is to create the foundation of the new society that will be created after the Event. It will be a working conference with the focus on manifesting the changes we all want to see happening. If you want to be one of the leaders, simply choose yourself and join us! We will be building a new world!

People with expertise in leadership, healing, media, art, new technologies, finances, law, spirituality and all other aspects of life are welcome to attend. You can register here:


The fact that the conference will be taking place during the papal conclave is just another amazing synchronicity.


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