04/17/2013 Goddess Spiral Retreat by Isis & Cobra

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Goddess Spiral Retreat by Isis & Cobra

This unique event will be taking place near Hilo, Hawaii from May 31st to June 2nd.

The Sun of the New Era – Golden Age is rising and we are embracing the new life with Golden Goddess spiral of Light.

At these special times in human history we are perfectly supported with astrological planetary constellations. Through Mars-Venus conjunction in the beginning of April, partial lunar eclipse on April 25th, annular solar eclipse on May 10th and through the opening of the portal on May 25th we are preparing ourselves to become an embodiment of Divine Lovers and expansion of higher frequencies of Light will bring the final balance between Male and Female polarities on planet Earth.

On Hawaii we will be connecting with the vortex which is the entry point of the Goddess herself for planet Earth and will continue the integration process of our divine sacredness and union of divine Love.

We will surrender to the pulse of Divine mother Earth, to  the pulse of the ocean and the moon, the fire of passion and expression of creativity, the breath of Love… and will surrender to the grace, beauty and compassion of Goddess herself and ground all our experiences and integrate them within our bodies and lives.

With Goddess and God Dance, meditations, breath, divine simbols, divine invocations, singing, creative expressions, with Goddess divine presence  and our surrendering to her energies we will heal all aspects of our female and male energies in us, heal the inner child, bring balance between giving and receiving. Vortex of the island will help us bring eruption of fire for life in our lives for us to be aware of sacredness of our bodies, to activate our DNA and remember who we really are. With sacred ceremony we will awaken threefold Goddess and God and consecrate our sacred power amulets…

You will experience more personal and deeper connection with the Goddess and God presence in your body and your life and ground your divine presence on our beautiful planet which is meant to be the Garden of Eden.

You can get more information and register here:


Welcome to the dance with the Universe in the Garden of Eden!


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