07/11/2013 A Short Update About the Situation in Egypt

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Short Update About the Situation in Egypt

The liberation efforts in Egypt continue as the Cabal tries to interfere with the process, exerting pressure upon the forces of Light in Egypt and spreading disinfo and confusion through the mass media. 

But the Goddess is protecting Egypt and will continue guiding the process until the people are really free.  

It is vitally important to continue with our daily meditations for Egypt every day at 5 pm Cairo time until July 26th, which is the moment of heliacal rising of Sirius and was the New Year for ancient Egyptians, a beginning of a new cycle, the moment when the old is completed.

Instructions for the meditation are here:


You can find the countdown clock for our daily meditation in the upper right side of the blog.


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