09/25/2013 Short Update About the Paris Conference and Zurich Workshop

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Short Update About the Paris Conference and Zurich Workshop

Our Portal conference in Paris was a huge success. We have been instructed not to work on financial system but rather to transform the Paris vortex, as before the conference that vortex was one of the main Archon strongholds in Europe. We activated the Paris vortex for the Light and transformation of energies in Paris was tremendous. Needless to say, we immediately got sunshine and clear blue skies after many days of rain.

A strong interdimensional portal was opened and it connected Paris, Giza plateau in Egypt, Al Nilam stargate in Orion and the Galactic Central Sun. This portal will be one of the main stabilization portals for the planet at the time of the Event.

 Our Goddess Spiral Workshop in Zurich went beyond all expectations and manifested energies of balance never experienced before. In the moment of the Autumn equinox, we have balanced female and male polarities and have triggered a planetary process of triangulating all pairs of opposites and merging them into Oneness.

Needless to say, we had sunshine all the time. The sun of One is about to rise on the surface of this planet.

Total Victory of the Light is near. 


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